Monday, December 5, 2011

Party Weekend!

This past weekend was a fun one! Not only did my love get a 3 day weekend but we also had parties to go to! I'm so happy that he was here to enjoy them with me! On Saturday we went to his nephew's(mason) first birthday party and everything was decked out in Mickey Mouse! So lovely! Amber from Notes on M is Mason's mommy and My goodness did she do an amazing job! Here is a recap of some of the very cute things that were displayed: Her best friend Gina is pretty much amazing at everything crafts and makes the coolest cakes ever!

David, adjusting the balloons so I could get a good picture. =) what a stud!

Mason enjoying his smash cake! So cute! He ate it in the most delicate way and finished it by devouring it! It was hilarious to watch!

Aren't the decorations so cute! It was all tasty too!

 So after that we headed back home, I did my hurrr, put on extensions and we headed out to Malibu for my work Christmas party!

It was pretty fun! We did the white elephant gift exchange and when it came for me to pick out a present I got an Angry Bird Stuffed toy, I was so happy! But some lady ended up taking it from me =( I ended up with a cute little gray elephant. =)
Then yesterday after church, which was an awesome sermon about Hope and how we should be "Hope Ambassadors.", we went to BJ's for lunch. YUm! I love love love love their BBQ Chicken salad with their Delicious freshly squeezed strawberry lemonade! So That's what I got! And David got the Californian Sandwich with a beer.

Yum! So good!
To let all the food that we stuffed our faces with level out we went for a walk at the beach and took Cosby. It was his First time ever being at the Beach and he loved it! He chased every bird he say and dug holes in the sand. =) Love my Nugget!
such a cutie!
we were befriended by two other big dogs and one of them was jumping all over me! His name was charming and it was a pup pitbull! very cute!
So then we went back home and all 3 of us were pooped from the walk and all that food that we decided to all cuddle in bed and take a nap. It was freezing out so it was perfect! I woke up at 7 pm and David was sick, coughing and all snotty lol so I went to the grocery store and got stuff to make chicken noodle soup, medicine, cranberry juice and reese's peanut butter cups (His fave!). Poor babe.
I'm pretty sure he doesn't know I posted this pic so shhhh.... ;)
But yea, That was our weekend! =)

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