Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday's Letters

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Dear Husband,
Words cannot fully express how proud I am of you! You are accomplishing all that you want and I'm so happy and proud of you baby! You already work 24 hour shifts as an EMT and now I'm proud you say you are our town's newest Firefighter (volunteer) but hey you definetly have your foot in the door now! God is using you and will keep guiding you from here. You are 3x my hero now, or 4x, A great husband, An EMT, a Firefighter and a soon to be Daddy!!! Although I'm hardly going to see you all next month since you start the academy on the days you don't work, I love you and I'm grateful for a man like you. 
@ last night's orientation for the family members. Isn't he somethin?!
Dear mom,
Thank's for taking me out for dinner the other night and for coming over to look at Noah's room! I missed you and your company. Glad you finally felt the baby kick! 

Dear sweet neighbors o' mine
Thank you so much for your generosity, love and fellowship! I've had a blast hanging with your family and having movie nights with one another! Thank you for all your support and for waking up early with me to go on our daily walks! =) I love having you two as my neighbors! 

Dear Daddy,
I can't wait to see you tomorrow! yay!

Dear weather,
 Are you aware it's fall?! Now you are, so please stop with the disgusting 95 degree weather, you don't let me sleep at night and I've been getting nosebleeds because of you. Cool it or I'll beat you up! ;) 

Dear Amanda,
You're such a sweet pea! ;) Thank you so much for the secret package you sent me! Although you're killin me by making me wait to open it! Isn't the package super cute ?! I can't wait! 

Who are you're letters to? 
Happy Friday ! 

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