Thursday, October 4, 2012

Love And Respect

Last night we started our fall small group "Love and Respect." It's based off the book (which I haven't read yet but it's been on my list) and it's all about the title Love and Respecting one another. We had such a great time meeting new people, fellowship, and we learned plenty in that hour and a half!
I absolutely am in love with my husband and I know that he absolutely loves me, but there is plenty of room for improvement and growing. After just last night, I already have learned so much between the difference in how he thinks than how I think.
This is key: It's not Wrong, Just Different. We are different. 

With us women, we need to feel Love and be told we're loved. Now men on the other hand, their #1 is to feel Respected and be respected. See the difference already? Again : It's NOT wrong, just different.

If we don't do one or the other it turns into this "crazy cycle" (see pic above on the right) . A woman without love reacts without respect. Without respect he reacts without love. See it? Now I totally do!

I'll admit, I've acted without respect towards my husband when I don't feel loved or cared about but you know what? That's so not the way to go! Ladies keep your cool when feeling like this and HE WILL hear you out. If you don't keep your cool, it's like his ears and mind shut and he goes to "man land" where he may act like he does not care.

Funny aint it? How God designed us. It's still amazing and beautiful but it's just eye opening how different we can be. The pastor preaching spoke of how scientist have just recently discovered this concept of Love and  Respect but look back, look at the Bible, This was written over 2,000 years ago!

Ephesians 5:33  "However, each one of you must LOVE his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must RESPECT her husband." 

KEY* do this inspite of. Why? Because with following God's orders, we have the opportunity to BREAK the crazy cycle. 


  1. Love this point, and the key point about how we aren't wrong just different is soooo true! 2 years of marriage and I'm just beginning to realize this.

    1. Crazy isn't it?! I def got a lot from just this one class! ;) I'll be sharing weekly.



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