Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Hi everyone! How was your Halloween?! I can't believe it's already come and gone and now onto November! I kept telling myself " okay once Halloween has passed, than its for real, I'm going to have a baby in a matter of no time! " and now look! Hopefully I have Noah by 37 weeks which would mean a month away to meet my little Mr.!!! :-D
So my apologies again for not blogging as much , I'm using my iPhone at the moment due to my lame and outdated laptop charger tearing.. So it'll be a few days before I get a new one so bare with me here for a few unorganized posts. ;/

So this past weekend, on Sunday, we went to our church's early service and afterwards went over to my mom in laws do get some much needed laundry out of the way. ( oh the joys of living in an apartment ) we're lucky to have such sweet parents that let's us use their washers and dryers ha :) later on that Sunday, our church was hosting their annual Trunk or Treat, where church members bring in their decorated cars/ trunks that have games for kids to play and then try give out candy! It's a lot of fun! This year we didn't help out we decided to take our fur baby in his shark costume and walk him around the people for a bit.:) it was fun! Of course he was the talk of the town in his shark suit! Cool kid .
We ran into our sweet friend Kirby an her baby Tatum if you remember I've photographed them for Father's Day and even did her maternity shoot a year ago! Well baby tatum is now over a year old and guess what he was for Halloween?! Rawrrr a dinosaur!!!!

On Monday we finally carved our pumpkins! Well I should say I carved... Boo ... Old man David didn't feel like it and said he didn't have any ideas for carving.. Lame! Ha so I carved mine into an owl! Hoot hoot! I also made pumpkin pie for the first time and it turned out so good! Very tasty!

Yesterday for Halloween, we put Cosby back in his shark costume, painted my huge ol' belly into a fishbowl with a skeleton fish (Noah) in it! We went to my mom's church for their annual Harvest Festival! Everyone got a kick out of seeing my big bare belly painted ! Hahaha it was fun and we got some candy! Who says I can't be a kid when I've got one growing in me?! Hehehe ! Surprisingly it wasn't hard painting the belly, I just used a big mirror to see what I was doing and asked David to outline the fishbowl to make it an even circle. Team work! Ha
Again, old man David didn't want to participate in the festivities so he don't dress up but hey we still had fun!

It was a fun time this year! It's crazy to think next year we'll have a little McDaniels to go out with! Than for sure David will dress up! :) hope you all had a fun eventful Halloween!

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