Thursday, December 20, 2012

38 & 39 weeks!!!

Can you believe I'm at the end of the finish line?! I can't ! I can't wait to hold him and kiss him and have him! I'm allowed to be a baby hog with my own baby right ? Cus I sure will be wanting him in my arms most! :-)
Although I keep saying I want him out NOW, now I hope he comes in about a few days because I'm home sick with the flu and I'd hate for Noah to get sick because of me! Being 39 weeks pregnant, sick as a dog and home alone most days is no fun ! I need all the energy I can get for my baby boy!
On top of that Christmas is less than a week away!!!! 4 days away!!!! Ahhh!!! This will be the best Christmas ever for the McDaniels' family!!!! This year , we're exactly sure where we'll be ( hospital or home with our son) but we are definitely not going anywhere this time. Ill either be ready to give birth or recovering from birth so no plans this year! But I'm still so excited!!! Okay time to update my current symptoms!

SYMPTOMS: crampy, back aches, side aches, exhaustion... Oh and nesting ! I steam cleaned the carpet twice this week thanks to the in laws for an early Christmas steam cleaner gift!!! :-D

MATERNITY CLOTHES: ha if sweat pants and yoga pants count than sure! That's what I've been sporting this week!

STRETCH MARKS? Yes. Still on the sides of my hips and chest but now I also have a couple under my belly, thank God they're the clear ones you can only see if you shine light on them!

Ew, I've been very moody. Yep, not gunna beat around the bush, I can't stand anything , the 15 different people texting me per day asking the same exact questions as everyone... Once the baby is comin I'm handing my phone to David for about 2 weeks! I don't want to stress! On top of being Oscar the Grouch I'm very sensitive , again, cry every time David goes to work.. Can't help it! :)

Wedding rings ON or OFF? ON! Tight but On.

Not much, just eating regular now, I get full easily and enjoy actual meals.

That's pretty much me right now. I haven't been going anywhere really, I get gawked at by everyone everywhere we go and even strangers feel they need to blurt out their opinions and it hurts my feelings. I ge it I've got a big belly but really, I've seen bigger and really, keep it to yourself! I've learned now what not to say to a pregnant lady and what not to ask. It can be very frustrating , I'm just glad to almost be done. :)

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