Saturday, January 5, 2013

We Made It to the Beach!

So in my last post, I mentioned that we were doing a whole lot of deep cleaning in our place and I was hoping to finish early so that we could take Cosby to the beach. Well after the cleaning that we did for today we were just in time to grab some burgers from In n Out and head to the beach to enjoy the sunset! It was the perfect little date before Noah's arrival. Cosby was in heaven, chasing all the chickens (birds) and digging in the sand and running after random joggers hahaha! It was a good time filled with laughs and smiles. This was a date that I will treasure forever!

Of course I took my camera! Enjoy the pictures!

It was a beautiful sunset, I didn't even have to edit this pictures! I love God's creations. I love how artsy he is, how he paints the sky and lets us enjoy it! 

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