Monday, August 19, 2013

Our 2 Year Wedding Anniversary

    The Mr. And I just celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary this past Friday! It was such a great day filled with a ton of love and fun! I had a fun DIY surprise for his present. I found this idea on Pinterest and made it my own. The ideas to show him how I love him with all my senses ( sight, sound , touch, smell and taste ) and with each I had a little gift for him. So here's what I did for each: 
1.) Sight 
     I found this old picture of us from my prom. We " tied the knot" as a joke in the after prom activities. 
        What a horrible picture of us. They had us dress as renaissance theme and took our picture lol

2.) Sound 


For sound I told him I love to hear his voice on the phone and I love hearing him play his guitar. But my favorite is enjoying listening to music on our road trips. And I bought him/us a civil wars cd. He loved it.

3.) Touch

 For touch I got him this men's Nivea lotion and wrote, I love being held by you. And made it a coupon for a massage by yours truly whenever he wants.;) 

4.) Smell

    Smell- yum! One of my favorite things about my husband is how good he smells all the time! We both love smelling good so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get him a new smelling cologne! I love lucky brand so this was perfect! 

5.) Taste

    This one was easy but since David comes home from work at 7:15 am, it was a little tricky to accomplish and do with a 7 month old baby. I knew I wouldn't have time to get ready, get baby ready, set everything up and cook, so I went to Carrow's and picked us up this delish breakfast. Luckily there was a special and breakfast for the two of us was only $13 !!! 

I loved doing this for my hubby! And he was surprised that I did this all for him and loved that I made all of this while taking care of Noah. 


This is the beautiful 24k Gold geode necklace that David surprised me with . I absolutely love it! And he told me he actually bought it from Etsy! This guy know his stuff!:) 

He also came home with roses in hand and a lovely card. 
It was a beautiful way to start our day! We had a fun day planned out with Noah of course! We headed south to Long Beach and went to the Aquarium of The Pacific! It was such a fun time! Noah loved it! He was amazed with all the different colors of the fish and he'd scream every time they swam in front of him! He loves water now, so it was no surprise that he would enjoy the day there. It seemed like Noah was the fish whisperer. All the fish would come up to him when he'd tap on the glass which is surprising since they usually swim away when you do that. 



                                                     They gave him a show!

                                              And wished us a happy anniversary! ;) 





      I've always wanted to see a lighthouse like this and there was one there outside the aquarium.

      We left the aquarium to grab lunch. We ended up eating at chilis, why not , we both like it :) 
                                       Than we went back to finish touring the aquarium.


    Noah fell asleep in daddy's arms while walking around, so we put him in the stroller and he cuddled with his blankie. He didn't sleep too long, just gave us enough time to enjoy the fishes, sit and relax and I got to pump in the restroom thank goodness! 

  This is prob one of my favorite pictures and guess who took it?! David!!! What can I say, I've trained him well ;)






     We bought him a couple toys from the giftshop. An octopus and this little pirate guy that whistles.              He absolutely loves it!


          It was such a great day and such a fun way of celebrating our love for one another. I can honestly say we are happy and feel fulfilled with our little guy. We are blessed and I pray that God keeps blessing our marriage and our family! 

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