Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dates with my boys


Friday, I got to see my man after 5 days of being at my dads. It was so nice to be home again and in his arms! He wanted to take me and Noah out for sushi so we got all dolled up and headed to our favorite sushi place in town! 

Here's what I wore: 
It's still very hot over here, it was 104 on Saturday so skirts, flowy dresses and shorts it is for me! 

At sushi I didn't get any pics, it's a bit harder to document food now with Noah grabbing everything on my plate! Speaking of , he's dropped my entire meal from the table twice now... Also a new part of my "diet plan"... Not. No joke, he hardly lets me get a full meal in now. Little stinker wants everything I eat! Anyway, at sushi, the hostess/waitress Troy, know us now and always comes to our table to play with Noah. She even brings him out a little bowl of white rice just for him! Last time we were there she brought him Cheerios but we told her he couldn't because he doesn't have any teeth yet but rice was perfect and he loves it! 

After sushi, we went to the $2 theater and watched World War Z. Yep that zombie movie. And we took Noah of course! He's just as much of a movie fanatic as we are! It was a cool movie, we enjoyed it! The only thing is we went at about 4 o'clock which means kids were out of school and ready to let loose on a Friday night. So they were kinda rowdy the whole time during the movie. 

            This is Noah after a day of fun out with mommy and daddy. He was ready to sleep ! 

Saturday morning, Noah's cousin Mason came over for the weekend. I love it when they're together because Noah tries to do everything he does. I don't think he realizes he is 2 years younger than mason, he just wants to run around with him! Mason is so cute with him too. He talks to Noah and tell him " no baby no" when Noah grabs the dogs ball. And when mason was eating, Noah crawled to his high chair and tugged at his legs, so we had to have them side by side in the high chairs. It was too cute! 


On Sunday we woke up early and played with mason and Noah downstairs. We played hide and seek and I'd carry Noah and run everywhere mason would run and hide. 

Later that evening we went over to David's cousin's house and watched the cowboys game with the whole family. Noah's other baby cousin Maddie was there so it was pretty fun. David and I aren't crazy about watching sports on tv, which I love because I don't think I could deal with a guy that just wants to spend an entire day sitting in front of a tv for a lousy game. No no. Ha 

On Monday, grandma and grandpa took mason back home and they stayed the night over there. David and I didn't do much that day, just ran errands and went to target for a couple of things. At target I started feeling super weak and tired and when we got home I completely shut down. I drank tea and took Tylenol but all night long it hurt to move my body. And Noah decided he wanted to be up all night and I just couldn't watch him. So today I've been sleeping almost all day trying to get better from this flu, and I'm so grateful that my sweet hubby stayed home from work to watch Noah all day. I've been breastfeeding and sleeping all day so I feel a little better but it sucks that my worst fear while being a new mom happened, being sick and not being able to take care of my son.:( 
So I've been taking sudafed, Tylenol, tea, and David even made me chicken soup. He's so sweet, I'm lucky . 

I'll be blogging soon with Noah's 7month and 8 month update. Gotta go rest up now! 

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