Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fall Swap #2

So I participated in another fall swap and I loved it! The picture above is what I received.

1.) NYX natural eye pallete  I use this everyday now!

2.) Two Burt's Bees lip tinted Chapsticks (perfect before bed!)

3.) Two super cute festive socks! I use these with my tall boots! yay!

4.) Two hand towels

5.) A Season For Thanks Sign.

I loved my box! It's totally me! I also took pictures of the box I put together for my partner. Since this is my second time doing a swap box, I had more of an idea of how to put it together. * I accidently put in the last post that this was fifteen dollars or less but I meant $15 + . I promise I spent a lot more than that on the last swap! I wasn't being a cheap butt! So this is $15.00 and up.

As you can see, I had fun with it, Loaded up the stickers and all . =)

1.) A hand soap from Bath and Body works. Smells so good!

2.) Pumpkin Hand Cream

3.) Room Spray (smells like a crisp forest)

4.) Sonia Kashuk Nail Polish

5.) This cute Fall Owl from target and tea light candles.

That was the box I sent out. I love doing these, so much fun! To join in look for hashtag  #fallswap2013 and see what's next. Or follow me on instagram @Snooz3


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