Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pumpkins, Haystacks and Petting Zoo already?

It's only October 2nd and Noah and I already went on our pumpkin patch adventure! I'm so happy Fall is here to do all these fun activities with this little! Today was a crazy day, beginning at 3:20 am! I had planned to wake up at 4 to go to the Underwood Family Farm for the 5 o'clock KTLA segment that they record every year there. I'll be honest with you, I only went for the freebies, I could have  done without all the commotion of having the news there. I find a lot of the fun free activities I take Noah to at . For this early day activity, it consisted we be there at the farm from 5 am to 7:45am and we would recieve 5 passes to come back for the harvest festival, 25 tickets to use on rides or games, and a free pumpkin! I was definitely willing to wake up super early, dress Noah up and go for this awesome deal! I think originally the tickets are $15.00 each! Major save for our family!

So here are some pictures of the fun time this little man had!

I love that Noah is so outgoing and Friendly with other kids! He made many friends today and many moms go  "awwwww...!" hahaha
He did really good except for sitting still and letting me hold him when it was time for the News recording.

Click Here : To catch a super quick glance at Noah playing in the bean box!

I know I know, so many pictures, but I can't help it when I got such a cute lookin' puppy! ;)

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