Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Shannanigans and a Broken toe!

We sure got our Christmas on this weekend! On Friday we went to the Ventura Harbor to see the boat parade! We've gone before and it's always been kinda disappointing. This time wasn't too different. It was freezing! (54 degrees is freezing for a Californian!) And the only 3 boats we saw within the 2 hours we were there weren't even that decorated. =/ They announced that the boat parade would be starting soon but we weren't to thrilled about waiting out in the cold with the lightning hitting close by. The fun part of it was that there was a mini carnival also happening right there, and Noah sure enjoyed seeing all of that.

We also ran into Santa and Mrs. Claus! Of course we had to have Noah pose with them! And he got a candy cane out of it!

After that, we headed back to Camarillo to walk through the lit up street, all the houses on that block are super decorated for Christmas!

That was a lot of fun! After being out in the cold for a while, we decided to grab some pizza and have a fun night in, so we went home, grubbed and watched our currently favorite show House.

Saturday, I woke up early and went to a couple yard sales. Man, it was nice to have some alone time! I found the cutest baby boy clothes ever! Brand new and such great style! 50 cents an item! After that, I went home, and we all got ready to go to the Camarillo Christmas parade! It was so fun! They really do such a good job at making it so entertaining! Noah of course loved it and waved at everyone!

Later that evening, we had my mom's Christmas party for her church's youth group to go to. It was so much fun! I know a couple of the people from there and everyone else was super sweet and loving on Noah. We played fun games and ate yummy food and took silly pictures.

Fun game they played. David and I were the judges on who did best decorating the person from each team in under 2min!

Earlier that week I had gone over to help my mom decorate her tree and the house and I was so happy to see how good it all looked that night. It felt very warm and cozy!

This totally describes the three of us perfectly. 

Cutie pie! 
He kept grabbing props and waiting for me to take his picture! 
Sunday morning..... I woke up, and rushed to the bathroom, like a pregnant woman does, and stubbed my foot into the corner of our dresser! OUCH! I almost cried! I tried to ignore the pain and got ready for church. We went to church even though I was limping through out , and it was so beautiful and looked so pretty in there, but after church I told David my toe really hurt and I needed to go see a doctor.
We went to the urgent care but of course it was closed so back to the hospital I went  ( I swear I've been there like 5x since June =( )
Since I'm pregnant, there's not much to be done. No Xray, no pain meds, but the doctor did say she could feel the break at the base of my pinky toe so she splint it and gave me an ortho shoe I get to wear. Basically it'll hurt for a month or so until it naturally heals =(  no fun!

Gorgeous isn't it? haha my fat little big toe!
Those are this weekend's events! Seems like bad things keep happening to us but honestly through all of this I feel so blessed by God even  more and more. He never gives us things we can't handle and when it gets rough, he keeps blessing us. 

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