Sunday, December 7, 2014

November 29th & 30th (Weekend Catch Up)

Last weekend (before we were attacked by the disgusting stomach flu, yes we are still sick but it's going away as of today) was a lot of fun! We were so busy with Thanksgiving and birthday dinners and parties and around a lot of family, which I love!
We didn't really go out shopping for Black Friday, we went to target for diapers and than walked the mall to get a birthday present for our little sister's birthday. While walking around, I was curious to see what "amazing" deals Old Navy had to offer, mainly to look at maternity jeans. To my surprise everything was half off. So I got one pair and a shirt thinking, okay this isn't bad for $15, and when the cashier rang it up, she said "the total is $ 4.56." I had to do a double take and asked her to check the price on the jeans! Turns out they were last season's jeans and were only a buck and change! How amazing is that?! #Blessed

Saturday morning, we woke up early, got ready and headed out to Santa Paula to take Noah to his first Christmas Parade! We met up with our good friends Suzie and Jessie and their kids. It was a lot of fun, and Noah really enjoyed it!

Oops, sorry babe, you're too tall!

Happy Family of 3, oh yea, 4! 

I loved seeing Noah's reaction to all the different things going on! After the parade, we had some time to waste before going to David's little sister's Birthday dinner. So we drove around, got Starbuck's and went to a park.

My Big boy! Can't believe he'll be 2 in a month as of tomorrow! He's so independent and loves to just run and Jump! Jumping is his thing right now! He can hop hop hop from here to the moon if he wanted! ha

14 weeks"Bumpie"

and a selfie because I'm really liking my hair color right now!
There's the Bday girl! 15! and celebrating in My little Pony crowns! 

Got to see the brother in law at work and he hung with Noah for a bit! 
Sunday morning we went to church and it was amazing! Just what we needed to hear! Worship was so good ! After church we went to our nephew's 4th Bday party. It was at Pump it Up a bounce house place and my goodness did we all enjoy ourselves! So much that Noah's grandparents are throwing Noah's bday there for him as well! We're so blessed, honestly we didn't have any party planned for this year but seeing how much fun this place is, there's no way we could say no. Noah had too much fun!

Noah didn't want to stop jumping, not even for a picture! Do you see a little body escaping to jump?!
It was a super fun weekend as you can see! I love this busy time of year! 

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