Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer Fun!

Last week I got to hang out with my best friend from High School and her kid. You may know her from blogging about our pregnancy and how we went into labor and had our boys the same night at the same hospital only hours apart! Well, this time with our second pregnancy she is 6 weeks behind me and since I already had my sweet boy, I'm spending time with her trying to get her mind off of the stresses of going into labor and just hanging out together to be girls.

We met up at The Collections in Oxnard, it's an outdoor mall with shops, restaurants and play areas for kids. They also have one of those floor water fountains, where the water pops up from different holes, and since it was hot out we decided to let our tiny tots run around and get wet! It was such a good time and I loved that they play so well together! Noah right away went in the water and played with all the other kids.

It was fun! I love summer days! After that, we went to the Habit for burgers and called it a day. =)

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