Thursday, September 24, 2015

This is 25

Sunday, September 13, I turned 25! It's insane! I can't believe I'm 25, married and have two kiddos! I love it! I am so blessed to have another year to remember and make good memories of! I want to thank my Lord savior for keeping me healthy, and for always providing me with everything I need. I'm a spoiled daughter of God!

The night before my birthday, our friends Suzie and Jessie decided to come over, take us out for a birthday dinner and they brought me flowers and a cake! That was so sweet of them! We had a good time at Marie Calender's just talking and joking! It's super hard being out all together because they have two kids and we have two so that was fun trying to contain all of them ;)

They insisted we get dessert.; Yummy!
The Cute flowers and cake they brought me ! Suzie knows how to make me feel special! Thank you doll!

The following morning I was awoken by a crying baby ready to feed lol. So I laid down with him and fed him and fell back asleep. Not going to lie, I was cranky and annoyed that David didn't let me sleep in but when I woke up again I saw why. He went out to get me Starbucks and flowers! 3 bouquets! One from each of my boys! Thank you loves! He also got me a beautiful sterling silver ring with an emerald on it (to symbolize Levi's birth stone) I love it but I'll have to send it back to get a different size. I love that he put thought into it! Thanks booboo! 
Oops! Didn't even notice this sign until after noon! Thanks babe! Super cute!
How I feel about being 25.
The boy took me to eat Thai food at Rice by Mama. It's pretty good! It was a super hot day and of course the kids came with us, so it was a bit hard to enjoy. Levi's like me, we hate the heat! 

Love that he loves Asian food!
his excited face lol
sweaty melting face mama and cute baby!
snap from the sis! Thanks doll!
my freebies
I also went to ulta and Sephora to get my free birthday gifts. Score! love these !

The day was pretty good. It was a quiet birthday but I truly enjoyed it. My dad gave me money for my birthday (thanks dad) and my mom and dad in law got me the cutest poncho last month (can't wait till it's cold to wear it!)

I'm excited to see what this new year and age brings for me. There's been plenty of downs in my life lately but I'm staying positive, focusing on my family and what's best for us and completely trusting in God for anything and everything. 

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