Saturday, December 12, 2015

Meeting Santa Claus!

 Twelve Days until Christmas! I am so so so excited! Seriously guys, I'm obsessed with this Holiday Season and now that we have two cute little boys to share the magic with its 1,000x better!
On Wednesday the 9th, we took the boys to our local ranch house where they have Santa's workshop and you get to meet the man himself and take a picture with him! It's in the evening time so I decided it would be super cute to dress the boys in matching pajamas and have them sit on Santa's lap!
The pictures turned out so stinkin' cute! The boys didn't cried, they were both so happy and excited!  Speaking of excitement, Levi might have been a little too over joyed because little Mr. pooped himself so bad just minutes before being placed on Mrs.Claus' lap! Holy cow that was the worst blowout he's ever had! So sorry Mrs.Claus! She didn't seem to notice, she was so entertained with the baby and we made sure to wrap him in a blankie before handing him over. =0

He ran back to Santa to say goodnight =)

 At the Barn, they set up a little spot for kids to do a craft or two. We may have decorated a couple trees ourselves ;)
The lady there fell in love with Noah, she held him and showed what to do and he was smitten with her haha

It was the perfect night meeting Santa!

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