Thursday, December 31, 2015


Super quick check in , Christmas has come and gone and it was amazing ( will blog about it soon!) we have been extremely blessed by God these past couple of weeks through our family! Today is New Year's Eve and I am beyond excited to see what 2016 brings! I have high hopes and believe that this year will be a year of favor for our family. I've blogged and vlogged about difficult times we've had this past year but I truly believe things will be changing for the best. 2015 was a year of struggles, financially , mentally and even physically. I was pregnant with Levi, had him, broke a pinky toe, got a bad case of stomach flu, threw out my back , david lost his job the week before I gave birth ( he got an old job back soon after thankfully), etc ... I could go on but all this to say , God ... GOD NEVER LET US DOWN & ALWAYS PROVIDED FOR US. I know years from now we will look back on 2015 and be grateful for the lessons we learned together . Our marriage has endured plenty and I have faith we will endure plenty more together . Our love kept us sane during this time . So 2015, thank you for bringing me my sweet gift of a son , but as for everything else Asta la vista baby! I declare prosperity for our family for 2016 and beyond! Happy New Year!!!

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