Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas Eve 2015

Our Table packed with Treats!

Where to even begin?! This year's Christmas was so much fun and so busy! We could not have asked for a more fun time! We started our day early Christmas Eve morning, I mean, I was up all night baking boxes of treats for presents!

Selfies with ma baby before we left!

I had to, he looked so cute! My little candy cane!

When I finally made it to bed past midnight, I had to wake up early to bake a cinnamon breakfast french toast I would take over to our first destination: our sister, Amber's house, to celebrate with her, our nephew Mason, her boyfriend Danny, our mom and dad, nannie and papa!

We quickly ate because the kids ( by kids I mean I) were too excited to wait to open gifts, so that's exactly what we did.

So excited for this! We got the New Keurig! 
We got so many gifts! I'm blessed with super sweet mother and father in laws! They got me a keurig, dishes I'd been wanting from The Pioneer Woman collection, a super cute pink instax poloroid camera and more! Noah and Levi also got so many gifts but my favorite is their Kid Kraft Kitchen!He plays with it everyday! Noah will "make" me pancakes, eggs, and more!

After gifts, we all enjoyed one another's company and just talked. It was nice and a lot of fun!

Afterwards we headed home to unload and than drove to David's mom's house.

We got there and as soon as we get to Grandma's house, the one with the chickens, Noah pulls all the toys out of the now designated toy closet! 

 They've taken over, everywhere we go haha . It's okay, they're super cute!

Mom and Ken were cooking up a storm when we got there, they got super fancy and made Beef Wellington for dinner!

I found our Christmas card on their fridge!

The amazing dinner they made! It was so tender and delicious! 
Little Levi got a fun elephant he can push and sit on, Noah some fun learning toys, books and more and David got Bass pro shop gift cards ( which he's going to go to this upcoming weekend) and I got a blanket and socks. We had a blast!

My Mom's big beautiful tree!

We left there after 6 I believe it was and headed to my mom's house! My mom, stepdad and grandma were there along with my mom's foster kids. We had fun catching up, munching on tamales and opened gifts at midnight!

Put my camera to good use!

I Love this Picture of us

My grandma enjoying little Levi

Again, a perfect time spent with family, we had so much fun! Noah got a soccer ball, candy and nick jr. dvds! He was so happy and his heart and ours were full! David got a startbucks gift card and Lucky me got beautiful tall grey Uggs! Levi also got a lot of toys and a JC Penny giftcard! 
My mom did a wonderful thing and had us sit together while she read the story of The Birth of Jesus. Than she asked each and everyone of us to share a favorite Christmas memory we had. It's such a lovely tradition to start!

Christmas Eve 2015 Was so perfect in every way! We are so blessed to have such a great family and live so close to them that we could see everyone! Christmas Day, we got a late start and were off to San Luis Obispo to visit my Dad!

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