Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Refinishing Furniture

I mentioned in my last post that I've been refinishing furniture and really loving it. I'll find free items on Craigslist or even go "free yard sailing" (go after hours) and people will leave a lot of stuff up for grabs because they don't want to deal with the items that didn't sell. Or I'll even buy used furniture for cheap.
It's been very fun and therapeutic in a way. The only problem is we don't have much room for me to house many items so I have to do one at a time and since I stay home with the kids, I usually end up working on pieces late at night or during nap times so it takes me a while sometimes depending on how they are behaving that week.

I've done quite a few already, and sold some . I will admit I do end up loving some and just keep them for our little apartment haha.

I wanted to share some before and after of some furniture pieces I've done.

1.) Coffee Table 

2.) Small Dresser

3.) Coffee Table & Couch
I didn't get a "before " shot of this coffee table, it was free and left out in the rain. It had some rain damage up on top, so David and I sanded it down completely and decided to leave as is for a more rustic, simple look. I love how it turned out. Also, our couch was free because it had some cat scratches on the ends. All I did was remove all the fabric, washed it and than sewed up the holes and cut any excess ripped threads. I love our couch.

Those are just a few that I've done, I will post on other pieces I've done or will do. I really really love these types of projects. Wish I had more time but I really enjoy it when I do do it. 

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