Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Weekend Update (Oct.15-16th)

This past week, we found out the baby's Gender!
Ah! So exciting!

This weekend was another jam packed weekend! Those are the best! On Thursday I got a text from my good friend Victoria, who'm we met when she rear ended us when I was pregnant with Mr. Noah. 4 years ago! We found out she was a photographer and I told her I was too! Ever since, she's called me a few times to assist her with wedding photography and I love it! It had been a couple of years since I shot with her so when she asked me to go with her on Saturday I was thrilled! I was sick with the stomach flu the day before and was so weak on Saturday but I managed to be there and enjoy myself as well. I'll give a little Sneak peek

On the way to this location , I prayed that God has an out pour of blessing for our family. I prayed that I make more than I normally make assisting , I did, and I prayed for more things to come through to help us financially, and they are! I booked a wedding to photograph for the end of this month! And I am babysitting the kids I babysit every so often next week! Thank you God for always providing!
The wedding was amazing! It was at the Belmont El Encanto in Santa Barbara, CA. Such a luxurious location with a stunning ocean view! The bride was the easiest, funnest, most relaxed bride I have ever photographed! Some of these brides can be over the top but this one was so fun! The entire wedding party was fun! The guy's were non stop cracking jokes and fun to be around and even posed perfectly for us! Bravo!  There was champagne before the wedding began, a violinist and cello player during the ceremony, cocktail hour on the Terrace with the yummiest hors d'oeuvres. I didn't stay for the reception, I wasn't feeling 100%, but I did see the set up and it was so classy and perfect! A very well put together wedding.

That night, I got home by 7:40pm, David, I and the kids went to Ihop for some breakfast for dinner and called it a night. I was asleep by 9pm!

Sunday we went to church. We were happy to see David's brother there as well!
After church, we hurried over to the Disney store to get birthday presents for Miciah and Avram's birthday party. We headed over to Fillmore and had a blast at the amazing party! Suzie and Jessie did such an amazing job! The Theme was Carnival and it turned out great! She makes all the banners herself and It looked so good!

It was so much fun! What a great turn out! We all enjoyed ourselves!
We stayed for quite a long time, and enjoyed just chatting with their family after everyone had already gone home.
Afterwards, we drove around, in Valencia and I had planned all day to stop at Pickles, a sandwich deli, because when I photographed the wedding they had those there and I absolutely loved how yummy it was. We got there at 8:13, they close at 9 according to their website, and when we got there, there was a written out note on the door that said "sorry, today we will be closed by 8pm". I was devastated. As I mentioned before, it's been hard to eat something that 1. doesn't make me sick and 2. I really find enjoyable.
When I saw this, I had the biggest pregnant moment I've ever had a cried. Not a loud cry, but a teary can't stop crying cry. David felt so bad for me hahaha! He offered to pick some up for me the next day. He did, bless his sweet heart, but it ended up not being what I thought It would be. So that was a total fail. Poor man, he tries so hard to make me feel better  but sometimes, I'm just not having it. I blame my dissatisfaction on the baby. lol!

That was our weekend for ya!

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