Thursday, November 3, 2016

Bumpdate 20 Weeks With Baby #3!

Well here we are, half way there and I could not be more thrilled! Baby boy and I have hit a milestone together this week! Twenty Weeks and feeling good!

This week has been a game changer. Not until this past week did my nausea subside and boy am I glad. I'm thinking that probably had something to do with me "popping" this week as well! I wasn't showing much until now. And I kinda like it!

Gap Maternity blouse: 4.99 Goodwill
Liz Lange Maternity Jeggings : 7.99 New @Goodwill  ( the most comfortable pair of maternity pants ever! I suggest sizing down, I got a Medium and I'm pulling them up a lot.)

I took these pictures on self timer mode so bare with me on the blur. 

Had to add my littlest photobombing.

We haven't settled on a name for little guy yet but we have a  few in mind . I'm in no rush to pick out a name. It seems that now that I am showing, Levi knows something's up and presses on my belly or lays his head on it. It's cute. I consider it brother bonding hahaha.
I'm not sure how these updates will go. I'm thinking every five weeks maybe? I know in the past I'd do a weekly bump date but sometimes there's not a whole bunch to report so maybe every 5 weeks we'll see a big difference.

As of right now, I crave tacos. Like bomb tacos from a taco truck. And yep, I've been eating them. =)

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