Friday, December 30, 2016

Year 2016 Recap

Tomorrow is New Years Eve! The year 2017 sounds so futuristic to me ! You know how when you're little and you think about the future and sounds so incredibly far away? That's what 2017 feels like. Like we're here yet I cannot believe it!
This past year a lot happened. I'd like to remember it by looking back and showing pictures of different places we went and different occasions, but the biggest thing that happened to us in the year 2016 was growth. Spiritual growth with God. Our relationship with HIM. This year I learned to fully trust and have faith in the lord. And I'm not at all saying I've perfected it but I have really learned a lot. I've opened my eyes to see how truly blessed we are even when we don't have it all. If you know me and our family, or have kept up with our blog, you know that financially its been a struggle ever since I stopped working to be a stay at home mom to my sons. Which was 3 and a half years ago. We've given up a lot, missed out on a lot but have grown closer and closer to God. When we think we won't have enough, he always comes through and provides for us. We've learned not to worry, because what good does it do? Nothing. Worrying won't change any current circumstances so why upset your well being?
We have learned to let things go and move forward.
So we've surrounded ourselves and have even seen God using our situation to bring people into our lives that truly care about us. It's been an amazing change ! Lots of fellowship around here !
2017 is the year for us. I'm declaring that we will move forward and be a happier family because we are putting our family first.

2017 is the year for welcoming our sweet baby boy number 3 and we couldn't be more thrilled!

So let's take one last step back and look at what good 2016 was and say Hello to the New Year!

1.) Went on a "secret Adventure" for Valentine's day and road tripped to Utah! We fell in love!

2.) Explored Balboa Island in California

3.) Levi Turned 1!
4.) We went to the zoo more times David and I had ever gone in a lifetime

4.) I really got into refinishing furniture and selling it.

5.) The boys played with cousins

6.) Went to San Fransisco!

7.) Dedicated Levi to our Lord at Church.

8.) David and I celebrated 5 years Married!

and this year has been one of Growing closer to one another for sure! I have never felt more secure and in love than I have in this year! We've grown closer to one another and I believe it's because we have put God as our Number One! Not worrying, stressing, money, or anything else.

Which probably led to number ;)

10.) We found out we were pregnant with our third son!

11.) Got a new camera and got more serious with Photography!

12.) Went to Texas and my 91 year old Grandpa met my family

13.)One of the very best things I've experienced this year has been watching my two boys grow closer together. They love one another even when they fight. Noah loves Levi. Levi wakes up asking for Noah. It's the best!

There ya have it! A lot has happened this year, these are just some of my favorite highlights. We don't have anything planned for tomorrow but I'm excited to enjoy the last day of 2016 with my favorites;) I know 2017 will be an even more amazing year! I can't wait for what's in store for our family!
Happy New Year ! 

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