Sunday, January 15, 2017

30 Weeks Pregnant w/Baby number 3!

Hello Baby Bump! We are at the end  already and I could not be more thrilled about it! These past few weeks have been so so exhausting and trying on my body. I am now 30 weeks pregnant and I have a feeling this little baby will be here early and sooner than we think! I'm doing okay but do have some not so good news going on at that moment with the pregnancy.

How far along ?

30 weeks & 4 days.

Weight Gain?

Plenty.. Actually not as much as I gained at this point with my other two. But it's about a pound a week.

Symptoms and or Problems?

Anemia, Gestational Diabetes and pain below. Gestational diabetes is not a huge concern, I just need to eat a clean diet and drink plenty of water. Anemia scares me when delivering but I need to load up on iron supplements and foods and I should be okay. I can't be on my feet a long time anymore without it causing me pain. This belly is heavy!

Have a Name for baby yet?

Yes! Will announce soon! David actually came up with it all on his own. I could not think of a name I fully liked so he came up with this one. He's actually liked this name since I was pregnant with Noah but It didn't seem fitting. This name with his middle name has a wonderful ring to it!


Ugh yes! Sweets for sure, but with having gestational diabetes I need to watch it. Can't go crazy with those cravings!

Rings on or off?

On! tight if I don't drink enough water through out the day.


What is sleep? I cannot get comfortable for the life of me. And than I do and I have to get up to pee.


So so much moving in there! What could he possibly be doing in there?! I love it.

Stretch marks?

No new ones. Same ones on my lower belly and sides. They're the clear kind so not super noticeable in pictures but they're there. 
Oh and I am beginning to get the Linea Negra. Belly button is now out as well!

There ya have it! My due date is March 22nd, but I am almost positive he will be here sooner than that. Who knows, maybe for his daddy's birthday March 9th? I can't wait!

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