Friday, April 7, 2017

Weekend Update

My gosh it's been a little hard finding time to blog. I'm always doing something through out the day and I have all the intentions of blogging at night but when I get into bed, I am done for the day! The two older boys are non stop energetic machines, add breastfeeding all day and all night long and you have one exhausted mama! But it's been a good three weeks with baby Ben! He's growing by the second!

Last weekend was one of the first weekends in a while that we were just home without visitors/ we weren't visiting anyone. I love having friends and family over, but it was also nice just doing our thing for a weekend.
We took advantage and drove to a couple of flower fields to enjoy the "SuperBloom" this year. I had seen posts on instagram of the Poppy reservation and how in bloom it was this year and wanted to see it for myself and my gosh it was beautiful !

I love this sexy man and how silly he is!

It was insanely windy and cold, but we did the little hike and made it! 

Saturday we stayed home most of the day. We worked on the Nursery, hung up some art and mirrors and added wall decals. Ben co sleeps with us but I do want him in a crib at some point. It's nice to finally have a nursery for one of my babies! 

a little peak at the alphabet wall by the crib

On Sunday we attended a new church here in town and we loved it! It's a big church and has a great children's ministry and the pastor is great and the word was just so good! It felt good to be a part of something good in this new city. With how homesick I've been feeling lately, this was a good thing. 

Speaking of church, our sweet church Crossroads in Camarillo sent us a welcome baby card signed by a couple of our friends and a baby rattle! How sweet is that?! 
After church, we came home and ate. Than we hopped in the car and drove to another super bloom field in the mountains! It was so beautiful!

It was so nice seeing this and experiencing this! It was awesome getting out but I soon realized I need to take it easy because it's only been 3 weeks wince I had my baby and I need to let my body keep healing before I get out and hike and chase kids all over . I definitely felt the pain after being out and about. 

I also wanted to share some sweet moments from this week. 

Oh Hello wide eyed baby!

Berne's n' Nobels trip

Don't mind my face, I just love love love how loving  My little Levi is! He's so affectionate!

Life's crazy right now but I wouldn't trade it for anything! 

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