Thursday, August 18, 2011

Let's play Catch -Up!!

Okay so let's catch up on what's been going on.. I had won a cruise on the radio station and that was AWESOME!It paid for roundtrip for me and a guest to Hollywood, Florida and from there took us on a 7 night cruise to Haiti, and two places in Southern Mexico! It was such a good time and on that cruise I knew for a fact I wanted to be with this man for life. I felt so secure with him everywhere we went. I absolutely loved it! Every Place we went was absolutely beautiful and made us think how Great& Powerful God is to make such amazing things!
When we got back, I knew for a fact I wanted to keep traveling more and more and make it a good Habit to do so. In April, I got my awesome first big tax return and what better than to spend it on a beautiful trip to Italy?! lol I have always wanted to go, and no one , sadly not even The honey was able to go. It was very spontaneous and I had my heart set on making this trip. I went all on my own. I was scared and nervous but the experience, I felt this would make me "more of a strong woman." The Honey, had just moved in to his own apartment on his own so he had too much on his shoulders to be able to go. This trip made brought us closer than ever before. ( also a huge $700 phone bill from not being able t to see each other.) It was an awesome experience! OH! and he proposed the morning my flight left! He got down on one knee and proposed! how sweet! He was shaking and so cute! I was so shocked and happy!!! Okay, so no we're married as you see and planning the formal wedding with everyone . =) eeeek! cant wait!

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  1. Ah, niece! I can't wait to share in your life with you guys both in person and through your blog! What a wonderful idea! I love you and welcome to the family!
    Uncle Trav



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