Friday, October 14, 2011

Planning a wedding !

My goodness  I just realized its about 8 months until Mr. McD and I have our wedding! I need to get a move on with planning. I have plenty of ideas and I know what I want. I want most of the decorations to be made by me ! =) Here are some things I plan on doing:

Thrifted plates for our reception <3
I want THIS to be the display behind us as we sit at our table at our reception. awesome tutorial.

I want to ask my Bridesmaids to be a part of the wedding in this cute way, love the colors too and all the neat details!!!! look for the tutorial here:Bethany
I would love the color for flowers to be just like these and I'm already collecting a ton of tins and cute vases along with all the Mason jars my awesome mother-in-law is collecting for us! (she really is amazing! we get along and she's a major help with pictures ;)

My hunny is planning to make something similar to this as a little display.

Our dream is to have our reception at this Barn. =D love it!
We want long tables though and a bit of a different set up with twinkle lights everywhere!
Anyways those are some of the things I'm already planning. I found my dress last week when I went with my mom!!! it's very simple, lacey and in my eyes, .... Perfect! I can't wait!

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