Friday, December 9, 2011

Finally Friday!

I really like this picture. I didn't take it, found it on Pinterest of course . =)
So I'm kinda bumming out because it's the Christmas season and I love absolutely everything about it and usually I celebrate like everyday trying to do something "Christmas-y" but this year it's been tough, with being a Newlywed and starting from the ground up on our own it's been tough.Luckily we are very blessed to have an awesome family behind us to catch us in case we fall. I love them all to death!!! So yea, we are currently debating on whether or not to get a Christmas tree because We're not too sure it will actually fit in our little studio. =/ so there's that and we haven't gone to any of  the Christmas parades because they're all on Saturdays and the boy works on Saturdays, which also means he works on Christmas Eve!!;( wah wah wah! I know I'm whiny but it sucks. So for Christmas Eve I'll go down to his station where we'll enjoy our dinner along with his partner, their family and kids. =) Love my EMT .
This weekend we have planned to go to his work's Christmas Party on Sunday after church. Can't wait to see what that'll be like! I don't know what to wear but I know I want to do my hair like this:
Totally achievable with Hair extensions! ha
O and hopefully on Saturday I can get my hair done finally and I'm thinking of doing something along the lines of this. Okay like this but a little bit better. OOOooo just made the apt! It's happening tonight! hahaha!
Today my lovely boy brought me lunch from a yummy local restaurant called Reds. I loooooove their BBQ chicken salad and bread! They have those delish garlic and parmesan doughy bread.. yum! But I limited myself to only 1, they're high on calories! Any ways, I was soooo happy to see my boy here at my work with all that yummy food. =)
He said he went shopping for my Christmas presents and that they're mainly Stocking Stuffers but he said they're good ones ;) so I'm thinking maybe a couple nail polishes I've been wanting... hmmm.... i'll bug him about it. lol
I found this amazing royal blue color my oh my it's pretty!

okay well that's it for today , can't wait to show off my new do!

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