Friday, March 16, 2012

March photo challenge 8-16!

Ok here we go!

12.)Fork: I've been dying to get this set! Love the Forks! From World Market.
13.) A Sign: found this on Pinterest . Joy!
16.) Sunglasses: These were my favorite pair, Kate Spade and I got them stolen when I went to Italy...=( 
So far I'm all caught up! For lunch today I had lean cuisine a lemon chicken with rice and I drank a lipton green tea. Tasty stuff! And low in calories!

I forgot to mention that I've been getting tips on eating healthy and exercising from my friend Amanda from The Brandon and Amanda Story she's amazing! She really knows how to stay trim and in shape so I'm hoping to achieve that within myself too... It is almost bikini season! It's great having her help even though we are states away but she keeps me in check with my work outs.   So check her Blog out and follow her! ;)

Last night I made a little sign to hang up on our front door. It stands for McDaniels.
What do you guys think? I'm going to paint the wood white. Oh and it's floral moss from the dollar store. 
Now onto Pinterest... some finds:
I'm getting them done like this today but a more pinkish and with silver flakes.

I really like these too!
I love flowers, I have currently adoped two different kinds to put in pots . love them!
Have a great and safe weekend!

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