Thursday, May 31, 2012

Introducing to you....

Little Mr. Or Mrs. McDaniels! Surprise!!!! We are expecting!!!
@5 weeks 6 Days
So Now you know why I've been MIA. I'm not comfortable with my work knowing about this and I know that a lot of my good buds from work actually read my blog but I just don't want anyone from work to really know. So if you read this and I work with you, please keep it on the down low until I choose to announce it. ;) But I do want to keep blogging about all the experiences so I decided to finally announce it! We are extremely excited and you all know that not long ago I posted about wanting a baby, well thank you all for the nice text messages from that post and nice emails! Apparently I was totally pregnant already ! 

Currently I am at 8 weeks and 2 Days! And yes I got the little bump or bloat whatever you want to call it. =) 
We are both so excited and this is what we wanted. We both want to be young vibrant parents and that's exactly what we'll be. We already have so much love for this little boy or girl. 

Ok so here's our story: It was the last week of April and I had begun to feel different. Can't really explain what different means besides extremely sore heavy breasts (get used to the TMI. ha ) but I had a feeling something was up. I told David I needed to get a pregnancy test just to get the question of possibly being pregnant out of my head so early morning on Sunday April 29 2012, he came home from work and brought along an at home pregnancy test. ( he's sweet like that ) We kinda avoided it for a good hour and a half, I was so nervous I felt sick to my stomach. He had me drink up a cup of cranberry juice and I didn't even finish half when I decided "Okay, I need to know. If we are than we are blessed, and if we're not than that's okay, all on God's timing" So I went to the Bathroom,  followed directions and not even two minutes went by when the Big plus sign stared back at me. I called for David in tears, I started crying and crying I was so nervous and scared and the look on his face was priceless. He had the biggest grin and caressed my face and told me not to cry and that everything was going to be okay. It was so sweet. After a few minutes I started giggling and realizing Holy Moly I'm going to be a mommy! 
That's David. Excuse the mess. 
I began to question the accuracy of the test and decided one wouldn't be enough. We needed to be sure. So we another. 
And another... 
Until we decided okay, let's go to the Dr's office and make sure too. And sure enough they congratulated us and told us we were Due Dec. 29, 2012!!!
The following weekend would be Mother's Day and I thought what better day to announce it? Except we couldn't hold it any longer and began to tell the parents. (a couple weeks after we found out)
My Mom
My Daddy (who the following day sent me a Binder of pregnancy info and a Disney Lalluby CD. ) 
Father in Law and Step Mama!

And with his mom, I think we were so nervous we didn't even take a pic! ;( But it was so funny, her reaction was shock, didn't say much until her husband was like "Congrats you guys! " and then she went into grandmommy mode! She took us up to the attic and pulled out all of David's baby clothes and blankies and little knick knacks! It was the cutest funniest thing!
I of course told my Grandma over the phone and my ear almost fell off from the loud scream she did! hahaha She was extremely excited!
And we told David's grandma via Skype as well.

The following week we went to get the ultrasound so they could measure the heartrate and how big the baby really was and it turned out we were a lot earlier than told. =/ So our due Date is now Jan. 8 2013! =D It kinda feels like forever now but I'm super happy everything is okay.
So when we were on our way to leave for our Big trip/ Babymoon we announced it to everyone else.
We put : "Did we mention there are 3 of us going on this trip?!" haha it was awesome.
We've had nothing but positive reactions and I just can't wait to be a mommy. People are already spoiling us, My brother is already looking at strollers and other things! ha I love it.

So Current Symtoms:

2 Months  preggo
Current bumparoo
Appetite: gone for the most part.. If I get a craving that's all I will eat. I get very nauseas but don't vomit. If I smell a certain food I get nauseas. It sucks. I love junky food right now and it's not good but it's what I'll eat for now. Oh and fruits are amazing!

Hello Bathroom: I pee like a race horse. I poo a lot.. (sorry I know TMI.)

Sleep: I wake up a ton now. I just can't get comfortable. I get up to pee a lot at night. Last night I did 4 times! ;(

Tired?: Very very very sluggish. I've never been one to stay at home and be a couch potato but for now that's all I want. I wake up take a shower and get dressed and I'm ready for a nap. Naps are a Must do at least twice a day which is not as possible. David Loves that I can just chill now at home. ha

Now let's talk about David. Heehee.. David is totally pregnant. He gets more cravings than I do. Eggnog? really David? Eggnog on a super hot day is what you want??? ha  He gets back pains (if I complain about my back he will too. ) it's cute. He needs his naps too. And he pees as much as I do. On our trip he was getting sick to his stomach as well and couldn't eat just like me.
Have you Seen the I Love Lucy Episode where Desi has labor pains ? Ha that's David. ;)
So here's something else totally unexpected and something I'm super excited for. Turns out my bestie is also pregnant. We had the same heart rate and are the same weeks far a long and WE EVEN HAVE THE SAME DUE DATE!!! I totally called it. The second I found out I texted her and asked her if she was pregnant before I told her and she had no idea she was! She just recently Found out and I cannot wait! =D
She came over a couple days ago and we had the same cravings. My lovely husband went to the store and got us everything we were talking about! She craves strawberry milk and I crave chocolate milk! And we both wanted cup of noodle soups! ha
Mexican style with tapatio hot sauce and a hint of mayo..
Alright so there you finally have it! Our little Savannah Delilah or Noah Kalvin. =) can't wait to keep updating!

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