Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Dominican Republic: Part 1 (Nikon D3000)

Hey Everyone! I know I haven't been blogging as much, Again I'm just super tired all the time and busy. =/

So I'm finally going to share some photos from our exciting trip to the Dominican Republic! I wont write much since there is so many photos to post, but I think you'll get the picture.. literally. ;) Don't worry, All drinks I had were non- alcoholic & I didn't do anything strenuous. I missed out on hiking on the waterfalls and jumping off of them. =( We were blessed by David's parents to use their time share week and that's how we got an amazing stay at a beautiful All Inclusive Resort! It was seriously such a good time with legit food and Great performances every night. =D

Cool Huh?! It was a good time.

Unfortunately I am  a bit disappointed that after mentioning on my last post for work people to respect my wishes with not saying anything to anyone about my pregnancy until I'm ready to do so MYSELF, they did not do as I had asked. Someone read it, told another person... Luckily the person they told already knew because we are close friends but it made me uncomfortable to know that anyone would blab about someone's own business. Yes I can say this because this is my blog and I can vent. Anyway, I'm upset but what can you do? So now Really if you're going to be so interested to know me and  read my blog, Please be respectful.  

Hope you all enjoyed, cus we sure did! ;)

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