Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This past weekend

This past weekend was of course busy busy busy! David worked a couple days in a row to get the whole weekend off so we could go to his great grandparent's 70th anniversary. I was the photogrpaher. =) Saturday morning he went to pick up his little brother than came home, we got ready and all 3 of us headed up to palm springs. On our way over I got sick. I had morning sickness but still not throwing up. We stopped a couple times. The party was sweet and full of love. I had a good time taking photos of everyone. It's awesome to think that they've been together for that long. They even had their original cake toppers for the cake! How cute is that?!
Me and Mr.McD messin around at the party

Me & my Mama

Sunday we slept in. We woke up at 8, ate breakfast and we both went back to sleep until about noon! We than went to lunch at a Mexican restaurant with my mom and Rudy. Man Mexican food is NOT the same without a margarita in one hand and chips in the other. Man! ;( From there we all enjoyed the ride in my parents' new jeep to the mall and walked around. We got coffee drinks and enjoyed looking at beautifully over priced items from Pottery Barn.  It was a good fun time!

On Monday we both had off. So we woke up early, got started on Laundry and got a donut and hot chocolate from the donut shop.
We went to the thrift store to look around and we found a cute perfect book for baby nugget. Its the Velveteen Rabbit. I can't wait to read it to the baby. =)
We then went home and jumped into our bathing suits and took off to Malibu Beach to enjoy the gorgeous sun! We got subway to enjoy a little picnic but I got way too hungry on the way and ate in the car. Heehee.
Cosby Loved running around and chasing the chickens (seagulls) everywhere!

I had a blast with my boys. :)
We came back home and relaxed and Lily the next door doggie decided to come over and snuggle up on my baby bump.
Cosby's jealous.
Okay so now onto randoms.
I touched up my highlights on my own and trimmed my own hair too.
David and Cosby are BsB:
Best Sleeping Buds
Fruit with Chile the best!
ha Okay thats all for now. Friday is going to be a great day, I get to assist with photographing a wedding!I've been waiting for this moment for a LONG time! =) until then,


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