Tuesday, July 10, 2012

HOT Tuesday!!!

Hello! A very HOT hello! It's currently over 90 degrees in the town I live in and I am melting! I don't know how my brother living in North Carolina does it.... Yuck.

This past weekend (by weekend I mean Sunday/Monday) was nice. David and I spent Sunday catching up on sleep and driving around. It was nice to get fresh air and have a good time. We took Cosby with us to Ojai just to drive around and even he had a good time! We found some cute horses along the road and we had to stop to see how Cosby would react to them. =)
Cute isn't it?! He's such a baby. He was freaked out at first and then he got comfortable to run from stable to stable to sniff at them. ha . I loved it.
Than we went into the little bookstore I've talked about before (the one that was used for the movie Easy A) and we found some cool books! I fell in love with a cool Alice in Wonderland book. David , I don't even know what he was reading but he seemed like he was enjoying a good read.
After that, the weather became too unbearable so we decided to head back home. On the way I HAD to stop and get my craving on, what other than fruit?! yum!
This is my fave treat! I love eating fresh fruit with a hint of spice! yum! 
Later that night we decided to go to the movies and watch the movie Brave! 

Yep we are in our 20's and still enjoy a good cartoon! It was actually a real good movie! It was funny! Although it did get pretty uncomfortable for me to sit for that long without needing to pee 3 times through out the movie ha. 

On Monday we slept until about 8:30 am and we got up, David ate and what not than I went back to sleep until about 12! It's insane how much sleep is needed when growing a human! Before I would get anxious staying in the house that late in the day and now I can't leave before than! This child better be cooking good in there! What's funny about this pregnancy is how much I influence people or dogs around me. ha Cosby can sleep as much as I can and more! And he's a puppy still full of so much energy! 

Look at him cuddling is baby McD! ~LOVE~
Once I got up and ready to go, we ran some errands around town and what not. 
When we got back home, David was craving grilled fish so he put some on his new mini grill he got.

And the finished product! wala! Too bad I'm too picky to eat certain things right now. =/ I didn't have any but I'm still proud of him for being such a good chef! I mean look at that! 
Kiss the Cook! Love this sweet Man o' Mine! 

I also attempted the ombre nails I had seen on pinterest 
Not that great but for a first attempt I think not too bad. 

That was my fun simple weekend.How was yours? 


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