Saturday, July 7, 2012

Well hello there!

I know! I Know, it's been too long since I last blogged! So much has happened and I've been busy but I will try and sum it all up with photos.

My life according to my iPhone:
Assisted with photographing an awesome wedding! photos to come soon! =)
I'm 14 Weeks now! Crazy right?! Bring it! Oh and cravings! yum!
I  love these two so freakin much! They complete me.
My Sweet dad got me the Diaper bag I wanted! And I didn't even ask! Someone's excited to be a grand-daddy!  Thanks daddy! 
Went hiking with my girl, my babe and Cosby! =) And we discovered that Cosby can swim!

Found these awesome books to read to my baby at the Goodwill! $0.49 each yes please!
Bought some onesies for baby. =) I couldn't help myself!
Made myself a necklace for the 4th of July. 
Got festive with my Nails!
Alright now for how the 4th of July went! Wednesday morning David came home from work, got ready, ate breakfast and headed over to my mom's house. From there we loaded up the cars with chairs, BBQ, Tent and food! Every Year, pretty much, we head to Santa Barbara, my hometown, to enjoy the beach and the Firework show at night. Our family had a whole section saved for all of us to cookout on and lounge on. We spent the day eating, making smores, relaxing and walking around to see who I'd find that I know. Boy did I find friends! I'd say I found at least 10 friends that day including one of my best friends since Kindergarten! Can you believe that?! And Guess what?! She's pregnant too and due any day now! She looked so cute!
Cosby's prob like "why is her belly out like that mama?" heehee
Her and I talked and talked and walked and walked and we ran into more people we knew. And one of them was ALSO PREGNANT! hahaha I'd say it's def. a baby boomer year!
The 3 Preggies. 
It was so fun getting to spend time with them. =) Cosby and David had a good time too! It was a cool day with clouds everywhere but it was perfect.
That evening, My dad and I had arranged for him to meet me in SB and then I'd go home with him for a couple nights just to hang out. David went home early and missed the fireworks since he had to work early the next morning. =( So my dad and I walked to the pier and enjoyed the awesome show with the TONS of people. 

My Dad and I

                            That loud shreeky scream is mine. Ha I get too excited and scream . =)
So that was our 4th of July. It was so fun! I spent the following two days at my dad's just spending time with him and the fam and watched movies, ate, and joked around.
I love it when my dad cooks. He's the bomb.
Drove around town, San Luis Obispo, went to the Christian store The Parable and saw this adorable wall  art. I plan on making something similar.
I look weird here. My sister Jamie was driving. Learning. So we take advantage. ha 
We went to MotherHood and she tried on a Fake belly. hahha mine's still bigger... lol
Then we went to Petco and saw these cute Hamsters with Huge .... well you know. Just look!
That night, Jamie and I stayed up watching Paranormal Activity and other movies. Ugh I don't know why I keep watching that Movie. The Following morning was Friday and David could not wait to have me home, he drove to Santa Barbara way before we agreed to ha he just couldn't wait.
For breakfast my stepmom made these.
Then Later in Santa Barbara we met up with David and he gave me a Big hug and kissed my belly. He wanted his babies with him. =)  We then treated my dad to Presto Pasta , my fave place to go to for Italian food.
I got the Shrimp Scampi! Yummy!
It was a great week! I can't wait for David to be home and go to church and then be lovebirds all around town. =) As for today this is me and Cosby:
We had woken up with David at 4am and stayed awake till after 7, than went back to sleep until 10. Then went for a nice ride. 
I plan on conquering how to use a sewing machine by today so I can make some cute things! Sorry for the overdoing of photographs! Hope you enjoy your weekend! Whoo!


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