Tuesday, August 28, 2012

22+ Weeks!

You heard Right! I am 22 weeks and 3 days today! Seems like my belly just gets bigger and bigger overnight!!! It's starting to get a bit uncomfortable and in the way of doing certain things ( painting my toenails, and sleeping) but it's still going by fast, so no complaints here!
Since most of the update status for this week is the same as last week, I decided to share with you all what my birth plan is.

With God on my side and with this being a low risk pregnancy, David and I decided we are going all Natural! We decided this a couple months back after watching the documentary The Business of Being Born.
It had a lot of key points we agree with and overall I just want this to be as easy and simple as possible. I've also been talking to my neighbor about it all, she had a natural birth and a midwife, and it just seems very doable.  So I say God willing, we will do this natural, unless of course there are any complications. Now my insurance doesn't cover me getting a midwife, so I will be delivering at a hospital but I'll be provided with a doula to help with it all. =)
A lot of people think I'm crazy for not wanting any pain medication, but think about it, we were designed to do this so it must be something we can handle naturally. I'm excited, not nervous yet. Just very ready to have baby boy in my arms! =D
Crazy big belly!
Being pregnant and assisting with wedding photography has been going very well! It's very fun, and I always get asked about it. I do like the attention of people noticing I'm growing a person . ha it's fun! And I have the energy to be out and about for 6/7 hours at a wedding so I really enjoy it.
I'm still very hungry a lot of the day. I try and balance me craving junk food with something healthy. It can be hard because at times all I want is fries or sushi rolls but I do still snack on a lot of fruit, cheese and veggies.
My goofball of a Husband. I love this man, he's so so so helpful with everything! I don't even have to ask him to take the trash out, or do dishes or pick up his clothes, he's so good. *V entura county needs to hire this guy to be a firefighter! He's amazing!  ;)
I love getting pictures of David while he's at work! He took this and I responded: This is me at that same angle.. :
Where'd my face go?! Oh Noah hahaha
It's fun seeing all these changes. Another favorite thing is seeing how Cosby reacts to all the changes too! He's such a good pup. Always showing Noah love and sleeping next to him and giving the belly kisses. :) My boys are the best!

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