Thursday, August 30, 2012

Beach Fun!

Yesterday was gross. I mean, it was HOT here in Fillmore.... It's been hot all week and David and I finally decided to do something about it other than stay home and bake. So we went to the beach! =D

We always go to our spot in Malibu, it's so pretty and always calm for the most part. While we were going down the stairs to get to the beach, David found a baby lizard and went googah over it. He ended up catching it and than the little thing climbed all the way up David's back and head! I was having a blast watching him trying to get it off! hahahaha
There were maybe 3 other groups of people and that was it. They all had dogs so Cosby ran off the second we got there to go play. It was so cute seeing him interacting with all these different dogs and getting along. We raised him right. =)
At first I was pretty shy about showing off my "bikini Bod" aka I'm 20+lbs heavier and pregnant. lol But I got over it way fast with the heat. I took off the jeans and ran in the water! It was so refreshing! I could feel Noah kicking when the waves would crash unto my belly.
Plenty of lady lumpin around here... oh well. 
By far the best family portrait yet! Except for Cosby's random girl pal.
and me and my two babies! aww. Cosby's just about to be 1!
After being at the beach for 3 hours, we were ready to head out. We didn't want to home yet so we decided to go to Petsmart to waste time, and Cosby had never gone in there before so we HAD to do it.
My baby's first time being in Petsmart! Look at him gawking at the fish!

I know you're probably thinking, " she takes so many pictures of her dog, imagine how she'll be with her actual baby!" hahahaha yep! You bet I'll document just about everything my Noah is going to be doing! So get ready for it! =D
Yesterday was the perfect day with my boys. Perfect way to end the month of August! =D

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