Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday's Letters

Guess who's finally Jumping on the Bandwagon?! I am! I decided I need some consistent blogging and this would def help with me posting letters to the ones I love every Friday! If you want to Join in, just keep up with this blog : Adventures Of Newlyweds and link up! Let's begin! 

Dear God,
Thank you for showing me love when I need it most. I love that you hear me out and answer my prayers and I just want to say, Thank you for always providing. 

Dear Mr. McD (Hubby)
You are what's made this pregnancy so easy and fun. Thank you for being such a loving and very hardworking husband! Without you, we would have nothing. Literally. You work 24 and sometimes 48 hours in a row, come home and still help me out around the house. You're amazing and I love you! 

Dear Noah,
I love that I can REALLY feel you moving this week! Just yesterday you decided you want to be a gymnast in my belly and I love it! I can feel your every movement, tumble and punch now! I'm sorry for drinking coffee and keeping you awake at times, but I know you're okay. ;) I can't wait to meet you, smell you, and kiss you every day! 

Cosby, ( PUP)
My sweet little muffin! You are the coolest, most sincere dog I've ever had! Noah and I appreciate how much you like to cuddle against my belly and kiss it. =) Sorry for getting blue paint on you the other day. 

Dear Daddy,
I can't wait to pick you up from the airport on Sunday and hear all about your trip to Guatemala! I miss you and although we don't see much of each other (because of distance) I love when I do get to spend time with you. 

To loved ones,
Thank you for showing me love and support when I feel down and disappointed. You know who you are, you treat me like I'm your own and show me so much love! I'm glad God has put you and your family in our lives and I am appreciative of all you do for me. 

Last but not least: Dear Last day of August,
I'm glad you made summer an actual summer this year but I am Sooooo ready to part ways with you! Move over My Birthday month is here and it's going to be a good one! On top of that, My brother comes home, So September, I love you dearly, just a few more hours until I greet you again! 



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