Wednesday, January 30, 2013


It's just me and my handsome little fellow today for a full 12 hours while David works his firefighter shift. To be honest I was pretty nervous about having Noah all to myself for the first time but so far, it's not bad at all! He's a content little fellow and makes it pretty easy. The only thing I've had to take time to figure out doing is also watching over Cosby. When Cosby has to go outside to do his deeds, I can't just go with him, I have to make sure Noah is okay to go with me and then take Cosby. 
 Cosby by the way has been amazing with Noah, He always gives him a kiss on the foot and then backs off. He looks over Noah when he cries and when he walks by where Noah is laying, he stops to say Hello and keeps going. =) 

The other night we took some pictures of our sweet Noah and us on the bed, and I thought I'd share some with you all.

He likes to step on my face... ha 
Oh babie's crying gotta go! 

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