Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pinterest Wishing..

Ahhh , Pinterest...
I love how you allow me to create my "dream home" or "dream closet"... If only right?! Lately I've been thinking a lot about make our little living room a little more lively.. The colors we have now have me bored and I wish it were a bit lighter and brighter like our bedroom. Our bedroom is pretty shabby chic/ country if I may say, but our living room is dark and a bit blah. Here are some pins of what I aim to make it look like someday.

Lovely aren't they?! Except I know what sofa I want.. It's :

Entice sofa from Urban Home

And the Loveseat! Love the studs! 
Someday Someday .. ;)  Some other pins I've pinned lately...

I love this! haha Don't hate ;)
Yea I'm a child... I find this funny!
I had pinned this before Noah was born, because I thought oh how cute if he came out with that hair! Hello,  he was born with this much hair (but dark) and similar features! Crazy! 

I made a board for Noah's Style.. Luckily  my mom got Noah a hat similar to this! I love it!

<3 td="">
So if you're wondering how I'm able to still blog... this is how: 
First time using my Moby Wrap and walla! He's asleep!

Goodnight everyone! Tomorrow's post: Noah's 1st month! 

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