Monday, August 26, 2013

Wrapping up The Summer


Summer 2013 is winding down, but before its completely over, The Mcd's are trying to soak in the sun as much as possible! On Thursday, Noah's toddler cousin Mason, came over for the weekend. It's so fun seeing them together now! Noah's at the point where he pays attention to everything and everyone and everything Mason did, it really seemed that Noah wanted to be doing! But here's the problem, Noah can't walk or crawl just yet! So he'd get frustrated trying to reach for everything that Mason would grab and hold. It was cute! And when I'd take Noah upstairs to nurse, Mason would try and follow us and ask where Noah was going. It was so cute! 

On Friday: David's parents were super sweet and treated the three of us plus Mason to watch the Disney movie Planes. 

  This was Noah's 4th time going to the movies. He's usually pretty good when it comes to enjoying and being quiet in the theatre but this time was a tad harder dealing with him. At one point I had to walk out with him and walk around the theatre until he fell asleep. It didn't take too long so I got to enjoy the movie. He woke up about a half hour after I walked around with him and he actually enjoyed the rest of the movie with us. 
On Saturday: David worked ( Fun sucker ;-) ) but me and Noah enjoyed the day at the pool over at his uncle's house! It was the perfect day for the pool and a steak dinner! Yum! 

                                        We even got to see Noah's baby cousin Maddie! 
                                 Snagged this pic from Instagram @sarahmcdaniels Thank You.

On Sunday: We actually missed church. Noah decided to stay up all night, so this mama needed to catch some z's when daddy got home from work Sunday morning. By noon we were showered and ready for the day's adventures! I suggested we go for a drive around LA and then came up with the idea of going to the Historic Farmer's Market at The Grove. I'm so glad we went, it was so much fun! Very crowded and hot but so worth it! 

The Grove is an LA "hot spot" to go shopping . There's brand name stores like : Michael Kors, JCREW, Crate and Barrel and more! We weren't there to shop but it was neat to walk around that area. They also film Extra Hollywood News there on weekdays hosted by Mario Lopez and Maria Menunos. 

                                       We found a cool candy shop! Noah's not interested.
                         *daydreaming about all the things I would buy at Anthropoligie*
                    We came across this awesome succulent display. I need to make this! 


                                       And then we headed inside the farmers market!
                                                      A neat little vintage shop!

       I didn't go in here but they had all the hot sauces you could ever think of. They even had Slap yo'     mama hot sauce from Louisiana!!! Totally reminded me of when I was on Bourbon st. 

And then we got hungry, we HAD to eat from one of the little restaurants from there. So we went with sandwiches . These sandwiches were exactly what I had been craving my whole pregnancy and never got! :( cry me a river. I swear they looked just like something you'd see on Man vs Food! Yum! 


                               These sandwiches were everything I ever imagined. Sooo good!!!
               We're already planning to make a trip back next week just to indulge in the food! 

                                         While we ate, Noah played with his pickle...
                                                                  Literally lol ;)
        For desert I got Baclava. This one wasn't that amazing but it was okay. I didn't finish it.
We went back out to The Grove and enjoyed a live band that was playing cover songs. 

       Our day was perfect! It was a ton of fun enjoying something new. We headed home around 5 pm          and ended our day with a delish Carmel Mochiato iced of course;)! 


In more important news ( according to me) : 

                                                                 I'm almost 23! 



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