Thursday, September 26, 2013

Noah's Night time Routine

So Recently we added a couple things to Noah's night time routine since now he's at the point where he just wants to be up all the time and sometimes he's up and whiny because of teething. No fun for little mister.
The other day, we shopped at Lush for the first time (I'll be doing a product review!) and to my surprise, they had bath fizzes for children that is supposed to induce sleep! We found the golden ticket! lol So of course we got it! We got the blue robot, and it smells delish! To make it last we broke it into about 4 pieces. It's fairly cheap, for one fizz it was $5.95 but it's a good size.

When Noah was a newborn, doctors recommended that we not bathe him everyday, but when he hit maybe 3 months, he started drooling and sweating a bit and ever since we bathe him everynight at 7:30 pm. We allow him to play in the water for maybe 10 min while we lather his body and head in the lavender shampoo and body wash by Johnson and Johnson.

While he's in the tub, if he is being extra fussy because of teething, we give him 2ml of children's tyelenol.
After bath time, we dry him up, Lotion him up with Johnson and Johnson lavender body lotion. I also purchased a little bottle of lavender oil to rub his feet with. It soothes him and gives his body good rest.
Lavender oil. We got this at Vitamin World. (excuse my nails, I was playing with polishes at Sephora)

After doing all that, brushing his hair, cleaning his ears and what not, I usually breastfeed him to sleep, but if we decide to bottle feed him (with my milk), we found that adding a bag of Sleepy Time Vanilla tea really helps give him great sleep! It has chamomile in it to help him rest and soothes his gums. It works wonders! I saw that idea on pinterest and ever since we started doing that which was maybe a couple weeks ago, he's been sleeping more than 6 hours a night! It's a life saver!
100% Natural which is awesome since we try and keep Noah's meals and most home remedies (except tyelenol) Natural.
 There you have it! Noah's Sleepy Time routine! Hope you enjoy it, he sure does!

And when he wakes, it's ALWAYS with the biggest smile on his face! =)

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  1. I love Lush. I had a friend who use to work at one, I think in orange county when she lived there and when she moved back she took me to the one closest to us at the time (santa Barbara) and now I am so happy that we got in Santa Clarita. Amazing products!



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