Thursday, November 7, 2013

Our First Goodbye

T+his isn't what you think, no one passed away and no one left. Last Sunday evening we went to the
6:00pm church service. We hadn't been to church for a while since Noah's been difficult to be anywhere with for more than an hour. I suggested to David that we try and leave Noah in the nursery at church so that we could finally have some time to ourselves and listen to the sermon.

So that's exactly what we did. Was it easy? NO. 

Did I cry? YES. Even David teared up.

Were we able to focus in church? Not Much.

We left him there, and he easily went into Jenny's arms, No tears no struggle. That was painful.

We must have stayed outside of the nursery for 15 minutes just to watch him. He did great.... until another little baby started crying when his daddy left, and than Noah cried. And he cried hard! It was heart breaking but we decided not to go in there because that would only make him cry more. So we left him there.

Service was great! It was so weird with it  just being me and David. We kept glancing at one another and asking each other if we were okay. He kept taking deep breaths and saying "I'm trying". awww.

After not receiving any texts from the nursery and once service was over, we both RAN to the nursery and couldn't wait to hold him!

Him when we picked him up.
They told us he was great but had to be held the whole time. They can't wait to have him back!

My favorite was after we picked him up, he just wanted to cuddle. That filled mama's heart.

A quick OOTD:

on me: Polka dot top from Old Navy. Sweater from Old Navy. Jeans from Forever 21.
on Noah: Striped pants from BABY GAP, Sweater from TJ Maxx.


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