Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving day was so much fun! David and I woke up early to cook the turkey and prep other foods for the day. It was David, Noah and I and David's parents of course and David's sister and her husband and son and her husbands dad and girlfriend! Phew! It was a perfectly full house! We started our morning with Starbuck's coffee and donuts that David's dad brought on his way home from work. I had such a good time cooking with my mom in law and when Amber arrived (her daughter) it was twice the fun!
Since I was busy cooking, there aren't too many pictures but food pictures so get ready to be mouth watered with this post!

The bird before

Nothing beats home made cranberry sauce!

Rutabega and carrots, baked cauliflower and sweet potatoes!

Dessert bread, deviled eggs, turkey and green bean casserole.

Holly's amazingly delicious stuffing

And my apparently famous mashed potatoes cus' there weren't any left over!

Love my little family! 10-28-2013
Noah got a lot of play time in with his older cousin Mason! So that was fun for him! Thursday was actually Mason's 3rd birthday.

Someone enjoyed their meal a little too much! ;)


okay okay that'll do
After our meal, Noah was stuffed, so he napped and we loaded up our car and headed to my dad's for the weekend! It was an awesome Thanksgiving!

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