Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter 2014

Noah's second Easter was a success! It was so much more fun this year compared to last year, he was still what I like to call a "floppy" baby (not able to walk, crawl or sit) ha. This year Noah got to do his first egg hunt! We started the celebrations early since his grandma was going to be out of town, she wanted him over for his Easter egg hunt and treats on Thursday evening. It was so much fun! He had a lot of fun getting the eggs together. He collected about three, and then got over it hahaha! Hey that's still pretty good for a 15 month old! ;)

Grandpa Ken hiding the eggs!

Here's what "hiding" eggs looks like for a toddler ha!

After every egg he'd put in his basket we'd clap, well he thought that was the fun part and kept clapping every time after finding eggs!

On Friday, we did an easter craft. I had some paints set out and qtips to use as little brushes for him and cut out little egg shapes and had him paint them! It was fun and super cute! After it dried, I wrote a bible verse on one egg that had his hand print and it came out so cute!

On Saturday, we took Noah to the Santa Barbara Zoo! It was so much fun! We met up with my cousin and her niece Angelina. We saw all the animals, went on the train and Noah even fed a Giraffe!

Easter Sunday we went to church, and than met up with my mom at the park to do our own little festivities. It was a perfect Easter!


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