Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hello September Hello Life

Hello Young, Adventurous, Skinny, Pre- Mommy Susie!
Isn't it funny how when your Birthday rolls around, it makes you look back and reflect on your life and how you've been living it?! Why is that? It's September now, my birthday is 8 days away and I will be 24. 24, who cares about a 24 or being a 24 year old? It's such a in between age but not yet in between.
 Don't get me wrong, I'm super thankful that I've been given another wonderful year of life and been healthy all through out but I honestly just feel so indifferent. This past year has had its turn on hard times and we've learned so much from it all. I will never question my God or doubt him, but this past year truly took a toll on me and my family. I'm ready to become that vibrant, hyper energetic Susie that I used to be. See the picture above? That was me, me how most of my friends remember me and how I want to be again. A Susie that is excited about seeing what life has to offer and a Susie so Adventurous who's mom couldn't stop her from buying a  plane ticket to Italy and going all by herself just to see the world. (Yes, I really did do that at 20).

So even though I am a full time stay at home mom, married and have a ton of bills to pay, I am happy. Happy to be alive, Thankful for a loving, caring hard working husband, blessed with the sweetest Cutest Toddler boy (of course he's the cutest in my eyes ;)) in the whole world! I'm excited to see what New adventures will come with being 24!

Bring it on, 24! 

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