Tuesday, November 25, 2014

We're Pregnant!

=D I couldn't be more thrilled to share the news, WE ARE PREGNANT!  We've kept it a secret for a little while but we couldn't hold it in any longer! I'm due late May, I'm in my 14th week now and finally feeling good!

This pregnancy is so different compared to when I was pregnant with Noah. I had nausea and an upset stomach for the whole first trimester. I actually lost 11 pounds, which is normal and honestly I needed to lose a little bit of weight. When we miscarried the twins, I was pretty depressed for a while. I wasn't eating bad, I just wasn't doing a whole lot to stay active. So right now I am at my pre pregnancy weight (before I was pregnant with Noah). I was also very fatigued the whole 1st trimester and now I'm getting back to being myself.

At our last appointment on Friday, we got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time and it was wonderful! We've got a healthy baby and everything is looking good. It's very nerve racking this time around since we've experienced losing our last babies, but I'm feel so blessed that we are having this sweet baby.

Noah seems to know there is a baby in my belly, even though I'm not showing yet, he lifts my shirt to kiss my belly and says "baaaaby". =)
He has definitely acting out, acting like a little baby himself, throwing tantrums and cries whenever I'm out of his sight. But it's only a few more months of it just being Noah so I'm being patient and trying to give him the attention he needs.

How we announced it on Instagram

13 weeks
Def. different than the belly I already had with Noah at this point. 
When we announced it to the parents it wasn't as creative to be honest as we did when we were pregnant with Noah. I think it had to do with being scared that I could possibly miscarry again, so I just wanted the parents to know. And I think they were all a little bit nervous as well. I told my mom when I was about 4 weeks. My dad actually found out when we were facetiming , he straight up asked if I was pregnant, that my face was glowing. Of course I can't lie and I started to giggle.
We told David's mom , stepdad and Dad in person and called his stepmom.

We are so excited and cannot wait! Our next appointment in 3 weeks, we find out if baby McD is a he or a she! =) 

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