Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas 2014 (Part Two)

Overdue post, so sorry but here we go! Christmas Day 2014 was such a fun day! We slept in, as you can see the photo below, took our time getting ready and ate breakfast on the way to Lancaster to spend the day with my in laws.  

The ride was fun and so beautiful! The air was crisp and perfect and Christmas music was playing the whole way over. Mr. Noah continued with his beauty sleep while mommy and daddy laughed and joked around. I love car rides with this man. He makes it so fun!

We arrived and as soon as we entered the house, it smelled like Christmas, you know that warm outdoorsy/ home cooking smell? Man that got me excited for the day! We were there for not even ten minutes and we all agreed to open presents! Fun fun fun!

I didn't use my DSLR all during Christmas, I'm sad I didn't , and I hardly took photos on my phone! =( we were too busy living in the moment and enjoying it to the fullest! Hey it only comes once a year!
Noah's new talent = opening presents! He's gotten pretty darn good at it! Look at him go! 

Noah and his auntie Amber, Love how cute he was with her! 

Paling around with his cousin! <3 td="">

Frog Dog
I was thrilled to see my little Cosby! 
Since moving out of David's parent's home, almost a year ago, we decided to leave the Cos there with him and his new found brother Sooner. It would break them both if we would have brought him when we moved out and he got so used to having a big back yard and a lovely big house to run around in. We miss him but glad to see he's fat and happy and living life! ha
That was our Christmas day! We enjoyed mom's delicious cooking! She did so well, and even topped it all off with home made bread pudding that we all got second servings of! I was beyond spoiled with amazing gifts! Heck we all were! We left the house with the car filled completely! I love the family I've been blessed with, we all had such a great time and truly enjoyed one another's company!

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