Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Our Valentine's Day 2015

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I love this "holiday!" All the love, the hearts, the pinks, reds and glitter! It's been a long while since we went out of our way to celebrate this fun day, but I took it upon myself to make it special because I love the day and I love my man! ;)

For breakfast I was so excited to start the morning out with fresh heart shaped pancakes and some pancakes I had seen on pinterest that had pink hearts in the center of a regular pancake....but, that was a fail. I did manage to make 1 heart shaped pancake and that was for Mr. Noah, who thoroughly enjoyed it! =) win!

eh? =) he loves the old fashioned pancakes I make
For lunch we enjoyed some sushi rolls from Cho Cho Sans thanks to my dad (who had stayed the night before and left us a little treat before he left on Saturday morning!)

Gettin curvy around here! 26 weeks baby! 

I was shocked at how well Noah was at the restaurant! He ate EVERYTHING we had ordered for him and sat still until we were done eating.

I haven't mentioned, he can officially sit on his own in a chair and eat from the table. This chair has a booster seat but even at home he does well eating on the table!
After lunch we went for a walk at the outdoor mall, let Noah play on the outdoors play gym. We window shopped, got rite aid ice cream and than it happened... Noah found a boob. Uh oh, I thought we were done!

Glad it wasn't mine! haha
Our real date started later that night, once Noah was asleep. I had a nice dinner planned and to our surprise, Noah stayed asleep from when I cooked it until we were done eating!

I made steak (for him) chicken (for me), with carrots asparagus and baked potato oh and a side of bread with butter. To drink, I had sparkling cider and he had a corona and we drank out of our wedding wine glasses. For dessert, I made a few heart shaped chocolate covered strawberries and regular ones as well.
We both even dressed nicely for dinner in our apartment (which was silly but so fun and exciting! And when I was done getting ready, David had set the table so beautifully and topped it off with lovely music on his pandora. As cheesy as it may sound, it really was a romantic night we needed, and we spent it well with one another.

We finished the night with Noah waking up, and we all gathered in our living room to watch The Blue Lagoon. It was a good night!

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