Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Post # 300

According to my Blogger dashboard, this is post number 300! 300! That's a lot of memories being stored away online! It's crazy to think that I've been blogging since 2010. On and off of course, life can get in the way but it's great to be able to look back and see all that we've done and been through. I really enjoy having my blog and even though I can get lazy at times (like now) I feel so good when I am able to post.
So I haven't posted in a while, and I thought I'd catch up by posting what we've doing by showing the photos on my iphone.

Feb. & March according to my iphone:

Mall runs with my little man, and treating him to Hot Dog on a Stick 
Favorite question: "whered it go?!"

Sweet surprises from my husband! 

Recently found the author Tracy Garvis Graves at my local library and once I finished the two books there I was bummed they didn't have them anywhere else. Blessed with a husband that surprised me with the other books by the same author thanks to Amazon! =D

Hello Cosby! Visited my first baby at the in law's! Fat and Happy!

Noah and his cute cousin Maddie!
My growing belly!

This was yesterday, 29 weeks and 2 days. This boy is low !

He's still my baby! 

Lunch Dates with this sweet thang!

Children's museum playdates with his bestie!

Yay for rain in california!!!

Let him be king..


Visited my Grandma and went to the Natural History Museum!

David passed the three week long training! Praise God!

Celebratory dinner for him passing and his upcoming Bday with my brother!
Did some shopping over the weekend and pushed David into getting a massage at the mall, Ladies, pamper your men, They come out a whole new person! ;) 
Lightened my hair on my own and did a little trim and layering to it. Thanks to Youtube for helping me do this on my own!
Mine and Noah's favorite breakfast at home!
So there it is! Catching up finally and it feels so good! 
So thankful to God for letting David pass his training! Life is already better and our family has been enjoying it a little more. David turned 26 on Monday and we celebrated by going out to dinner and I had gone shopping with my brother to get David's presents which were Vans shoes and a nice Vander hugen shave set from target. I didn't get any pictures that day, we just enjoyed one another's company. So far it's been a great month, David started his new job this week and having him home by 4 pm and not super exhausted needing a nap is amazing! I'm grateful! =D

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