Thursday, April 30, 2015

Noah and Levi's Shared Room ( Boys room tour)

With my Due Date quickly approaching ( two and a half weeks to be exact), we have been doing everything that needs to be done to get ready for our sweet little boy Levi. We are officially ready for his arrival! A couple of months ago we began working on Noah's room to make room for his brother to be in there with him. We live in a small two bedroom apartment and although it's been just fine for the three of us, we did have to make a few adjustments for adding another little baby in here.
Metal Wall letters from Michael's.
Crib: Brand New Da vinci Portable crib with Organic mattress from craigslist.

One of the first things we decided to do was get a mini crib for Levi. When Noah was a baby we used a bassinet until he didn't fit in it and than he co slept. We decided that with Levi, we want him to be used to sleeping in his own crib from the start but we wanted the option of having him in our room as well.
Grey Whale Blankie from TJ Maxx. Fish pillow from Michael's.

We found this perfect mini crib with wheels that lets us have that option. On top of it being portable, we love that it's a major space saver! We need all the room we can get in this little space! We sold the ten drawer white dresser we originally had in Noah's room, sold his large white crib and bought a twin size captains bed that we found at a great price from Big Lot's! Bought a $25 tall boy dresser from Craigslist ( I painted and stained it for the two-tone effect).

Twin captain's bed from Big Lots. Bed sheets from Ikea, also have in Navy Blue.

Lamp: yard sale find =Free.

Dresser: Craigslist; Drawer Knobs from Target ; Wood Stain from Home Depot in Kona.

Three dollar wired baskets from Target dollar spot

Floating Shelf and storage bins from Ikea ( I plan on staining the wood to match the dresser)

Whale canvas cork board from Home Goods

For toy and micselaneous stuff storage, we revamped the closet and got two cubed storage bookshelves from Walmart and found the cutest wired canvas baskets from Walmart as well! I love how it turned out! If only I could get my closet to look this neat!

Wired Canvas baskets from Walmart

Cubed shelves from Walmart

Toy storage bin from TJ Maxx

Laundry Hamper from Home Goods

Oar from Home Goods; Black Out Navy curtains from Walmart.,

Shag Rug $39.99 from Ross!
There you have it! The boy's cute shared room! I have a couple of things to add like the numbers to pain on the dresser drawers, a comforter and cover on his bed and I'm waiting on some neat nautical accent pillows I ordered from amazon a couple of months ago that still have not arrived but they look like this

Our Little helper =) 
Hope you enjoy!

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