Monday, June 29, 2015

Noah Meets Levi

If you're expecting a super cute story on how Noah kissed Levi and wanted to hold him when he first met him, this ain't it! HAha! Not to be rude Levi, buuuuuuut.... Noah wasn't too sure about you when he first laid eyes on you.

When I was laboring at the hospital, Noah stayed awake all the way up until 2am! There was a lot going on, nurses coming in and out of the room and Mommy and Daddy were so excited and anxious, and Noah was feeling all the commotion too! 

He finally fell asleep next to me on the hospital bed at two in the morning. He even stayed in the room, sleeping on the couch when I got my epidural!
Finally when it came time to push, my mom and mother in law took Noah and waited in the waiting room. When they came back in with Noah, he was awake but in sleepy mode still. And when he saw what I was holding, he wanted NOTHING to do with me or the baby.
He wouldn't even talk or look at me! =(

I think it had a lot to do with him being super tired and the first thing he saw after not sleeping a lot was a brand new baby in "mommy pig's" (what he calls me thanks to watching Peppa Pig) arms. We have a few funny pictures and videos of Noah not acting too happy about Levi's arrival.

Around nine 8am when we finally got settled into our recovery room, Noah would come and sit next to me as long as I wasn't holding Levi. Noah would ask me about him and say his name even, but he still wasn't too thrilled.

For our stay at the hospital and first night home, we had Noah go with his grandparents, which was like heaven for him! From what i hear, he was the perfect child and even slept through the night without fussing! Oh and he ate a ton too! Seriously so not fair that they act like angels with the grandparents!

Those couple of days without Noah made me sad (it's the first time he's ever stayed the night somewhere else) but I'm glad he did good and enjoyed it! It was good for us to enjoy Levi to ourselves those couple of nights too.

Once Noah came home,he was a proud big brother! The mood changed, he acknowlegded the baby and would say "hello Ahwhy" but he still wasn't too fond of touching or being touched by Levi.


By about the third day of Noah being home, he warmed up to Levi and wanted more to do with him and even held him!

Now, a month has passed and Noah has definitely learned to love on his little brother. He is a proud big brother. He touches the baby, sometimes a little too rough but he's learning and he'll even come up to give him a kiss on the head on his own. He even shows his little brother off to the neighbor kids ! I love seeing the love grow and develop between my two boys! It's going to be a fun challenge raising two little boys but I'm excited and couldn't be happier! =D

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