Friday, October 16, 2015

Levi 4 Months (Update)

This Rollie Polie just keeps growing! 4 months old already and it still feels like it was just yesterday that I gave birth to my sweet boy!

Four Months Old:

18.75 pounds 27 inches

  • Started rolling over onto his belly and sometimes back!
  • Laughs so much! Loves watching Noah and laughing
  • Tasted baby cereal, did not like it.
  • Hand coordination is so much better! Very strong!
  • Makes Dinosaur noises and we love it!


  • wakes up and than gets super fussy if he does not go back to sleep about 45 min later.
  • car seat
  • noise while nursing. Any noise at all.
  • heat (this California heat wave is awful and little Levi hates it! 108 degrees in October?!)

Our little Levi has his own little personality and it's fun watching him become who he is. He eggs Noah on whenever he's doing something (jumping, running, talking) 
We are exclusively breastfeeding. I have let him taster foods here and there but we plan on Only breastfeeding for a while long and than we will introduce certain fruits and veggies into his diet. 

Something New we started is Cloth Diapering! And we love it! Post on that coming soon! 

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